A FASHION designer has been jailed following an adrenaline-fuelled attack on police officers in his cell.

Courtney Dwayne Valentine, 32, of Heygate Avenue, Southend, was found guilty of attacking police officers at Southend police station on May 18, after they insisted he take off his glasses – eventually taking them from them from his face after his refused.

Prosecutor Sam Doyle told the court Valentine then decided to fight the officers.

She said: “An argument ensued between the defendant and officers over him being told he couldn’t wear his glasses in his cell and that theywould be put in a bag and kept outside the cell door.

“The defendant was getting very irate and sat down on his bed refusing to hand the glasses to the officers, which were then taken from him, after which he said ‘If that’s what you want, I will have a fight with you all.’

“He shot up from the bed and was put back down, but got straight back up. He was described as being ready to fight’, his body was tense and his teeth were clenched. The defendant swung his hand towards the officer’s face, who felt a stinging sensation to his left cheek, and realised he had been hit.”

She added the officer in question then hit Valentine in the face with his elbow “as hard as he could” in order to subdue him, hitting him another four or five times, as officers were unable to use pressure techniques to restrain him because he was “full of adrenaline”.

Valentine’s solicitor Beth Brown told the court her client was not present at the hearing in which he was found guilty because he was homeless at the time and was not informed of the date, but had intended to plead guilty.

She added: “He was diagnosed with schizophrenia by a doctor who has signed him onto benefit but, to his credit, he isn’t somebody who sits at home, claims benefits, and doesn’t try to get work – his interests are in fashion and clothing design and tells me he has started his own fashion range.

“He doesn’t have an income, but intends start his own business.”

Bench chairman Michael Jones sentenced Valentine to eight weeks’ imprisonment, mentioning his previous convictions for assaulting police officers, adding “You obviously have an issue with the authority of the police.”

He was also ordered to pay an £80 victim surcharge, £135 court costs, a fine of £150 and compensation of £100 within 28 days of being released.