BUSTED are reforming for a reunion tour. 

The band will have their original line-up including Matt Willis and James Bourne who was born in Rochford and grew up in Southend. 

Chart-toppers Busted have reunited after Charlie Simpson agreed to rejoin the band - despite frequent vows never to return.

Simpson is to join James Bourne and Matt Willis for a UK and Ireland tour as the trio get back together for the first time since 2005.

Willis said: "We're back! Busted are back. We're stoked and we're going on tour next year."

To Simpson, he joked: "Aren't we, Charlie? We are, right?"

On his previous declarations that he would never return, Simpson said: "I genuinely meant that. There wasn't a time I said that that I didn't mean it wholeheartedly. I have changed my mind."

Earlier this year, Bourne persuaded Simpson to secretly join him in a studio for a week in Philadelphia, where they put together a number of new songs - a catalyst for the reunion.

Bourne said: "We didn't know what it would be like being in the studio again so we wanted it to be a no pressure experience for us.

"It was a really fun time. It felt like we were hanging out like old friends."

Despite planning to release new music, Willis promised to play fan favourites including Air Hostess and Year 3000 during the tour in May 2016.

He said: "Busted only had two albums so we're probably going to play every song that you know."

The band will start at Wembley Arena, where they performed together for the last time in 2004.

In 2013, in Simpson's absence, Willis and Bourne joined together with McFly to tour and release music as McBusted.

Bourne said: "It was like a broken band and a band that was not broken. They have each other as a whole band. They're very supportive about this."

On his decision not to join that collaboration, Simpson said: "McBusted wasn't right for me. I was pleased for them more than jealous."