CALLS have been made for urgent work to be carried out at a seafront car park to reduce the risk of flooding.

Councillors believe action is needed at the Labworth car park, in Eastern Esplanade, Canvey, to stop it flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

Neville Watson, Canvey Independent Party councillor for the island's Winter Gardens ward, said: "It’s absolutely horrendous whenever rain falls there, and we need something done.

“The flooding isn’t actually caused by the seawall, drainage is the major factor here. When you look at the design of roads and the camber, it’s to make sure that standing water flows away into the gutters. In that car park, there is nothing really in place for water to go away.

“Tarmac on a flat surface with no drainage gives nothing but trouble.”

Mr Watson added that a 2010 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment report, written by experts Scott Wilson Ltd, highlights the importance of good water flow and drainage.

He said: “Whenever anything gets built, the report has to be used as a reference.

“Obviously the car park was built before the report came out, but I’ve been banging on about this for a long time now. We need to be looking at other areas on the island that are impacted as well.

“That way we can bring down flood risk.”

Barry Campagna, Canvey Independent Party councillor for Canvey South, said part of the car park is often out of action over winter due to flooding.

He said: “Obviously flooding isn’t a real concern when people visit the summer.

“However, there are quite a few people on the island who use the car park in the winter. Whenever there are puddles there, it means a lot of the car park is out of action.

“I know there was tarmacing work and repairs carried out over the summer, but more needs to be done really to fix the problem completely.”

Castle Point Council were contacted by the Echo, but did not respond with a comment.