WHETHER by accident or design, Southend Pier has undergone numerous incarnations since it was built in the 1830s.

These pictures from the Echo’s archive show the Southend landmark in all its former glory, including the original entrance and pavilion, built in 1885, which has design elements in common with Southend Central and Victoria train stations.

The original entrance was demolished in 1931 to make way for a lit art deco arch, which was itself modified over the decades before today’s modern entrance was built about ten years ago.

Numerous fires have also changed the appearance of the pier, however, with the original pavilion being destroyed by fire in 1959 and its replacement, a bowling alley, succumbing to fire in 1995.

Since then, nothing has replaced the bowling alley but decking, and further changes, such as an amphitheatre due to open two years ago, have been delayed by technical issues.

Echo: Smartly dressed – daytrippers soak up the sun in a pavilion on Southend pier

Echo: Don’t dawdle! Tourists use a suspension bridge to cross a broken section of the pier in 1909

Echo: Splashing fun – daredevils enjoy a ride down the pier water chute in 1904