A BREATHTAKING, powerful photography exhibition depicting the possibility of “an apocalyptic future”

has opened at the Beecroft Gallery.

Into the Light, by photographer Simon Isaac, is made up of pictures taken predominantly in Chernobyl and Pripyat in Ukraine.

The work shows how nuclear power could eventually be the downfall of the human race.

“The world has the evidence to prove it, and nature takes on a new power when man is removed from the equation” explains Simon.

“Pripyat is three kilometres from Chernobyl. It was a purpose-built city, home to highly skilled staff, security personnel and their families.

“It took the Soviet authorities a day to order a full evacuation, and in three hours some 50,000 people left the city, not knowing that they would never return. The haste in which they left is evident all around, from abandoned toys to rusting school buses.”

You can get an idea of the images by visiting warningshot.co.uk.

See the real thing by visiting the gallery in Victoria Avenue, Southend, until Saturday February 6.