PEDESTRIANS will only stop attempting to cross the A127 if a bridge or underpass is built, a councillor believes.

A boy, 13, died on Monday night after he was struck by a car on the Southend-bound carriageway near the Mayflower retail park.

Barriers and signs urging people not to cross the dual carriageway near the retail park, which has been labelled a fatal accident site, were installed on the central reservation following a double death in 2003.

However, the signs have failed to deter pedestrians from risking their lives by dashing across the road to access the shops and restaurants.

Nigel Le Gresley, Ukip county councillor for Wickford Crouch, will ask the authority if any further steps can be taken in light of Monday’s death.

He has also urged the public to understand the dangers of crossing the stretch of road, which has a 70mph speed limit.

Mr Le Gresley said: “There are signs all other the place, so what more can be realistically done?

“The only answer is to put high barriers the whole way along, so your only option is either to get a taxi or go around the long way.”

There is no official pedestrian crossing along the A127 between the Nevendon junction and the footbridge at Noak Bridge.

Mr Le Gresley added: “You have to either get the barriers up so it is impossible to get over, or decide to put an overpass or underpass there.

“But it is a tough time to ask any council to spend that sort of money – you could spend millions but it is very difficult to prevent it happening because people have to take responsibility themselves.

“We need to make sure everyone knows how dangerous it is.

I’m astounded it has happened but it is a blackspot and my heart goes out to the victim’s family.

“I will ask the council what we can do to improve safety.”


HIGHWAYS bosses will launch a joint investigation with police to see if any action is needed to improve safety along the A127.

A spokesman for Essex County Council, said: “We were saddened to hear of this tragic incident and our thoughts are with the victim’s family at this time.

“As we do for all fatal road incidents, we will investigate the causes within ten days jointly with our colleagues at Essex Police.

“We will then compile a report which will be discussed at the joint Safer Essex Roads Partnership Board where a decision will be taken as to what action, if any, is needed.”



WARNING signs stating “Do Not Cross Fatal Accident Site”

were installed near the retail park after a double death 13 years ago.

Leearna Briggs, 16, who was six-months pregnant, and Shara Stone, 27, both from Pitsea, died in March 2003 after being struck by a Land Rover.

Their deaths led to hundreds of people signing a petition calling forabridge to be built over the A127.

Essex County Council had considered putting up a high fence barrier previously, but decided against it after ruling they would be uneffective.

The barriers were eventually installed later in 2003.

At the time, county councillor for highways, Rodney Bass, stated a footbridge along that stretch of the A127 was highly unlikely on the grounds of cost and limited usage.

Serious injuries and deaths have also occurred further east on the A127, outside the Dick Turpin pub, between the Nevendon and Fairglen interchanges, due to pedestrians attempting to cross.

Billy Burton, of Cranfield Park Avenue, Wickford, died in March 2008 when he was hit by a car trying to cross near the pub.

Later that year, a woman on a supervised trip from a mental health unit in Bowers Gifford died when she was hit by a lorry.

Leonard Lowe, in his thirties, was killed walking across the carriageway near Hovefields Avenue in February 2014.