SUSPECTED ordnance has been found on Southend seafront.

Members of the UK Coastguard are investigating an object found by a bait digger opposite the Toulouse restaurant in Western Esplanade.

A Coastguard spokesman confirmed a team was conducting a preliminary investigation as a precaution.

Martin Richardson of the Happidrome described what he saw while passing the area.

He said: "I saw the Coastguard opposite Toulouse on Westcliff seafront and there's a few orange jackets out on the usual grounds where they find the unexploded bombs.

"At the moment you've got the guys from the Coastguard on the promenade with the lights flashing and I've seen a police car pull up behind them.

"About 150 or 200 yards out, you can see four or five jackets out there."

A Coastguard spokesman added a photograph of the find had been sent to the bomb disposal squad, which will decide how to proceed.