THE sky could be the limit for children who are soon to be taught in a new classroom with a difference.

When Milton Hall Primary School, Westcliff, needed more teaching space, imaginative staff came up with an unusual solution.

Dismissing the idea of an ordinary temporary classroom, and keen to avoid the cost of a new building, they opted for... a converted aircraft fuselage.

Claire Reynolds, business manager at the school, said: “It was the idea of our media manager John Baker.

“We’re always short of space at the school and he had the idea of revamping an old jet.

“He’s very visionary and thinks outside the box.

“It will be an interactive learning base, a sensory room for children with special needs. It will also be used for creative writing and reading and all the children will have access to it.”

The Cessna Citation Bravo 550 fuselage was craned into the school grounds on Saturday, much to the bemusement of passers-by.

Ms Reynolds added: “The plane was being stored at Southend Airport by a private seller. We found out howmuch it cost and then realised it would be a lot cheaper than building a new classroom.

“It’s great for recycling and sustainability, too, as it will have solar panels and a wind turbine.

“There were a lot of puzzled looks from people on Saturday.

Some people had followed it along the road to the school.

“The children are all very excited and looking forward to lessons on the plane.

“It will be a reading and writing experience that will get children thinking.”

The school, would not say how much is has paid for the fuselage.

It will spend the next four months transforming the 15- metre long structure into sensory area and ICT centre, holding as many as 15 children at a time.

It will have sensory equipment and the interior walls will all be painted white so images can be projected onto them.