ANY parents out there want a surefire way to feel old? Just take a look at your Facebook feed when the sunshine returns for the first time that year.

Sunny days used to bring with them talk of beer gardens and festivals, now they arrive to sound of mothers everywhere giggling excitedly about being able to finally get the washing out on the line once more.

Last Sunday morning Essex awoke to a spring-like sunshine filling the air.

In an instant, like a snake shedding its skin, Essex-dwellers everywhere began to discard their winter attire, favouring shorts (teamed with delightfully pasty legs of course) and flip-flops instead.

It may sound like I’m mocking, but I’m just as guilty as the rest.

It started with shaving my legs and applying some tanning moisturiser at 9am and ended with 3 barbecues and two weekends camping in the diary by bedtime.

As far as I was concerned summer had arrived.

Fast-forward 12 hours and it was another story.

An apocalyptic fog greeted me for the school run and my winter coat was well and truly reinstated as a wardrobe staple.

That wasn’t part of the plan now was it?

If anyone needs me I’ll be the one in flip-flops at Southend Airport desperately searching for a flight to somewhere hot.