CALLS have been made for an overhaul of the "notorious" junction after the tragic crash.

Kerry Smith and Geoff Williams, councillors for Nethermayne, have set out a number of changes they say Essex County Council should make to improve safety at the Roundacre roundabout and the surrounding roads.

Lib Dem Mr Williams said the roundabout is a “gift” for speeding drivers.

He added: “Often I see boy racers using it as a race track - it’s just too big and wide.

“it would be safer for road users if there were clearer lane markings.

“I can’t think of any other solutions than re-building a whole new network altogether.”

Independent borough and Essex County councillor Mr Smith said there should be no right turn for vehicles exiting the BP Garage on Nevermayne.

He continued: “Of course, we don’t know the ins and outs of what happening during this tragic crash.

“But for people coming out of the garage it can be extremely dangerous going across traffic to get in the correct lane.

“Taking that measure is the least that should be done.”

Gavin Callaghan, Labour councillor and leader of the opposition said accidents are inevitable until Essex County Council makes serious changes.

He continued: “It’s no coincidence these sad fatalities have occurred.

“You have four busy junctions and they are all fast roads.

“Speed limits on the connecting roads needs to be reduced considerably to slow down traffic approaching the roundabout.”

Andrew Gordon, a former councillor for Nethermayne who lives in Priors Close, Basildon, called for barriers that divides lanes to be reinstalled.

He added: “They were installed 20 years ago after residents fought for them.

“They helped prevent dangerous driving and dangerous overtaking – they helped slow down traffic.”