GLASWEGIAN Night School record label owner, Michael Kasparis, has launched his own solo project under the name Apostille.

He is bringing said project to South Records on Saturday, to some tracks from his debut album, Powerless.

The album has influences of Depeche Mode, Suicide and Fad Gadget on it.

"The best review so far of Powerless", writes Michael on his Facebook page, is one that calls it: "Horrible. Dark. Depressing. Makes you want to kill yourself, but that is the point..."

Listen for yourself at the in-store gig in Queen's Road, Southend, at 2pm.

Admission is of course free.

If you miss him then you can catch him later on the same day at the Hello You Launch Party, at TAP gallery, North Road, Westcliff, which starts at 7pm.