RENOWNED eccentric collaborators John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett, are coming to Hockley to play what Willy says will be their last tour together.

Otway, on the other hand, will only confirm as far as to say, "well that's what Willy says".

Considering their well reported 'on-off' nature, who knows if this will truly be the last gig... but maybe you ought to get along, just in case.

The duo - who both originated from Aylesbury - released their first self tited album in 1972, and first came under the spotlight when they performed on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the same year, performing a punk set which involved some gymnastics.

Willy became known for being an experimental musician and multi-instrumentalist with his musical style including folk, blues, psychedelia, pop and punk rock and his live performances which are punctuated with his dry humour and onstage wit. He is known for virtuoso fiddle playing, ability with a great number of stringed instruments, and playing slide guitar with a whole raw egg (known as egg-necking).

Otway became a singer-songwriter in his own right who has built a sizeable cult audience through extensive touring.

Now in their Sixties, and after countless breakups and reunions, the pair are still pleasing, perplexing and astounding audiences with their original performances, although there may be less of the acrobatics from Otway.

Barrett however, continues to come up with new and outlandish musical instruments including a wah wah, wheelie bin and a bagpuss.

John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett

Touchline Live Music Club

Hockley Community Centre

Westminster Drive



Tickets - £12 advance from or £14 on the door