A SOUTHEND MP has fired a broadside against Barack Obama’s “misguided interfering” in British politics.

Sir David Amess, who represents Southend West and has made no secret of his plans to vote to leave the European Union in the June 23 referendum, criticised the American president’s comments during a visit to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday last week.

Mr Obama had warned it could take up to a decade to negotiate a new trade deal with the United States if Britain left the EU.

He said: “He has absolutely no right whatsoever getting involved in the referendum campaign.

“My own judgement is, it might be to the advantage of the US president for the British people to remain as members of the EU, but it is certainly not in the best interests of the British people.”

Milton councillor Julian Ware Lane, who stood for Labour against Sir David last year, said his former opponent was “silly” for ignoring the president.

He said: “The US is a very important trade partner for Europe and the UK and I don’t think you can ignore what any American president has to say.

“I think the EU has its faults but we are much better in.”