A POPULAR community football coach has tragically had to have his leg amputated - and now his club are doing all they can to fund-raise and get him a prosthetic leg.

Zayd Rahman, 31, who played semi-pro football, suffered a burst Aorta in his heart and kidney failure in February which has led to complications.

Zayd of Inverness Avenue, Westcliff, is a coach at Achievement Through Football - a community football club which helps and gives opportunities to young people in deprived areas of Southend.

The players and members are rallying around and their fundraising page has already raised more than £500 in just two days.

Meanwhile, Zayd continues to recover in specialised London hospital.

Stuart Long, another coach at Achievement Through Football, said: “He is now facing an uncertain future and is feeling he has lost his one true passion in life, participating in sport.

“Whilst he remains seriously ill we would eventually like him to return as a coach and head up our disability football.

"Everyone within the local community is behind him and we want to show him how we are thinking of him.

“We are looking to support him in acquiring an artificial leg that will enable him to be more mobile.

"And we are looking to raise funds for him to have an Ipad that will help him through the long hours he is facing in rehabilitation and dialysis.”

Zayd, who had a kidney transplant a few years ago, has been a community football coach with ATF since 2014 and has worked hard to attain his level 1 coaching badge.

He has also helped to develop different projects in Rochford and Wakering as well as forging strong links within the Zimbabwean and Muslim communities which has improved local cohesion.

Mr Long, 43, added: “His personality is always positive and vibrant. He was a really good role model for young people.

“I can’t express what a talented footballer he was. Football is his life passion. He played semi-professional, and then he wakes up in hospital and has lost his leg.

“I think he’s quite down, understandably. I think he feels like he’s lost the opportunity to be involved in sport.”

Zayd’s mum Bridget Rahman, 52, of Inverness Avenue, Westcliff, said: "Zayd has always had a sparkle and a positive side and at the moment he has lost that.

"We want to give him some hope and to understand that he very much still has a future to look forward to."

David Sollis, the club's chairman, added: "The outpouring of emotion for Zayd has been overwhelming, we are all rooting for him, the club has a motto of 'it's hard to beat someone who never gives up' and we know has the determination to get over this and resume his coaching career.”

To support Zayd and donate go to crowdfunding.justgiving.com/Help-support-Zayd