JUST when you were thinking there was nothing more to be had from the Eurovision Song Contest, along comes a Southend boozer known for its music-manic clientele, and a whole new spin on things arises.

The Railway Hotel in Clifftown Road, is flying the traditional flag for the age-old show, hosting what promises to be a night which harks back to when "power to the bees counted as a serious lyric" (thanks, Sir Cliff).

Landlady and musician Fi Dulake, who will herself be taking to the stage for the affair, said: "Let's face it, the Eurovision Song Contest is awful these days, but depending on your musical tastes, (or absence of) it didn't used to be.

"Once there was an orchestra, there was Katie Boyle, there was Sandie Shaw, Norrie Paramour, Ronnie Hazlehurst and of course, Cliff.

"Lights, spectacle, fluffed lyrics, the endless waiting for the voting and a smorgasbord of impossibly tuneful and trite anthems all vying for first place, performed in front of a backdrop that looked like it had been designed by the Radiophonic Workshop - proper TV! We are aiming to give punters a taste of it.

"I mean, deep down, who hasn't wanted at some point in their life to run out onto a stage wearing a powder blue maxi dress and perform Long Live Love? I know I have."

It all takes place on Saturday May 14. The plan is the real Eurovision Song Contest will be streamed live in the upstairs bar. During the voting hour, hits will be performed, including Boom Bang-a-Bang, by Rosie Barrett; Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son sang by Fiona Dulake, Congratulations, sang by Dave Dulake and Rock Bottom, sang by Tuppenny Bunters.

The fun begins at 8pm.

Admission is free.