YOU might know Ben Rudge's face from the local music scene. He is the sound engineer at one of Southend's most stalwart music venues - Chinnerys.

Now you can see him in a different guise, fronting a brand new band - The Faux Fighters.

Ben, who like his aspirational alter-ego Dave Grohl, also plays the drums, took on the self-made challenge of swapping them for the guitar and doing some vocals.

“ It was a bit of a pipe dream really" said Ben, explaining how the band began. "I started just recording the songs at home and in the downtime on the tour I was on at that point.

"I had played them to a few of my muso mates who really thought they were good, which was a bit shocking considering I’d never really sang or played much guitar.

"I ended up contacting a few guys that I had been in bands or had known through Southend’s music scene and here we are, a year later, ready to play our very first headline show."

Said show is taking place at Chinnerys, this Saturday, May 21.

Ben is joined by Kris Perrin (One Fell Down and Gravil) on drums, Liam Slattery (Noxcuse, Lazy Curtis) on bass guitar, Russ Millard (Noxcuse, Lazy Curtis) on guitar, Paul Beddow (Soliss) on guitar and special guest on the evening Ben Selleck (Soliss ) on keyboards.

Ben says the band have been giving the some devoted practice to create a set that spans the Foo’s whole career.

“The feedback from people that have heard us in rehearsal or heard the songs I have recorded, is amazing" said Ben. "There is such a buzz in the band for this gig as everyone has a real love for the Foo Fighters and we’re all working on getting it to sound as close to the original as we possible can."

Support comes from Geezer, a Weezer tribute based in Southend.

Tickets are £5 in advance from Fives records, PMT Drums, Chinnerys and