THE first postcard has been posted from the end of the pier as a new café and crazy golf course were launched.

Tory councillors Derek Jarvis and Maureen Butler posted the "Southend Pier" franked postcard from a new seafront post box.

Mr Jarvis, who was deputising for newly-appointed tourism councillor Ann Holland, sent the postcard to the National Philatelic Society, a postage stamp organisation, in hopes of attracting stamp fans to Southend.

He said: “There was always a post box on the shore end of the pier but, following the fire in 2005, it disappeared.

“The new pier manager searched the internet to find the new post box, which is a simulated George VI one, and found it in the north of England.

“The card we’ve posted will get itself some publicity in the world of people who love to collect these things.”

He added he was pleased to see Darren Latimer’s new crazy golf course open at the end of the pier, having spoken with him about the idea three years ago, as well as the newly-rebranded Salt café.

He said: “I was the portfolio holder when the Royal Pavilion came onto the pier and the café started.

“It’s gone through a number of evolutions because it’s a difficult location to run a business but the new people have been running it since February and I was surprised to see how many people were enjoying it because the weather wasn’t great.

“Customers were already keeping the staff busy.”