AN intriguing photography exhibition is about to start at the Forum in Southend, depicting one man's vision of the eerie stillness of night.

It is the first solo exhibition of Danny Rowton and it's called Nightshift - "an analogue of night time urban landscapes".

The photographer, from Rochford, has captured the collection of images of local scenes, some recognisable, some not so much, entirely from using film, while roaming the streets with his camera and tripod.

"At night the urban landscape changes" explained Danny, of his attraction to photographing at night. "It brings a more mysterious side to it whereas our surroundings are more predictable in daylight. For example, the shadows streetlights create is something we don’t see in broad daylight. The strange hue of artificial lighting can also be very photogenic and I find it enhances the mood. Some of these images have a cinematic feel to them. Some create a tension which I feel wouldn’t be there without the factor of the time of day they are taken. I enjoy capturing these silent spaces most people perhaps wouldn’t think to consider for long. Most of these photographs were taken around midnight in order to reinforce the feeling I want to create. You only truly capture that kind of stillness late at night.

"I enjoy the freedom of it too as I go out alone and am never quite sure what I will find. Using film instead of the instant gratification of digital is another positive aspect to the uncertainty of what will be captured. Broadly. I like to push myself and in regards to landscapes, possibly there are enough photographs already out there of sunsets and boatyards. All images in the exhibition were taken in Southend and its surrounds, and I want to show the other side of Southend, the one that perhaps hasn’t been shown this way before. I hope it captures the imagination of the people of Southend and, possibly beyond."

Nightshift, by Danny Rowton, will be on at the Forum library in Elmer Square, from June 1 until June 28.