AFTER months of a colossal amount of planning, tomorrow is finally the day which sees the Leigh Folk Festival open.

It starts at 8pm at the Squeeze cafe in Rectory Grove, with Vija Moore and Em?liya Lenk?vi?a, the PickYer Feet Up Big Band, Adam Rees and Fran Morter plus Scavenged 78 sounds from The Junkshop Jukebox.

Poetry by Candlelight will also be read at St Clement's Church in Leigh Hill, from 8pm.

A weekend full of fantastic music follows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at various venues (visit or pick up a programme and map for more detailed information), with the main daytime action happening in the Leigh Library Gardens on Saturday, and in and around the old town on Sunday. There are also special evening concerts scheduled around town, including on Friday night.

This year the lower level of the Library Gardens are also being used by the Leigh Folk Festival, where the Hoy stage will be placed.

The stage's programme starts at 11.45am and includes Tony Prior; Mick Denny; Cordon & Jones; Dennis Homes; Ellie Rees; Joe Migdal; Carousel; Revival; Bernard Hoskins; Sing Out Loud; the Archers; Colette Meury; Dave Symonds; Crafting for Foes; Slow Loris; Hoy Shanty Crew; Funky Voices and Grand Reunion.

For Grand Reunion this is year a particularly special year, as like the Folk Festival, they celebrate a special anniversary.

"It's the 30th year since we formed" explained front man Mickie D, "well, that is 30 years since Pete and me started the band, and then 25 years since we had the full line up."

The Grand Reunion, often referred to as "Leigh's Cockle Rockers", will be headlining on the Hoy Stage, on at 5:50pm.

Also added to the bill, is the Open Mic competition, spearheaded by Mickie, to take place on Saturday daytime in St.Clement's Church.

He said: "It's a great chance for people who are not on the bill, get a chance to play at the folk festival. Also, the prize is to play on one of the main festival stages, so it's quite prestigious.

"We've got some great people lined up for it, including Emily Frith and Ruben Caruana."

As well as the winner getting a spot on one of the festival stages, all finalists are invited to headline at one of the Hoy at Anchor folk club's evening sessions throughout the year.

Registration takes place at 12pm mid-day with the first act timed to begin at 12.30 pm.