UNSUSPECTING dogs are being killed by trains after slipping through an unrepaired gap in a fence by the tracks.

Animal lovers are calling for urgent action to fix the broken fence, next to the c2c line in Old Leigh.

Alan Clary, owner of Bubbles Pet Care, in Broadway, Leigh, is demanding work takes place to prevent any further deaths.

As a building surveyor by trade, he says he will fix the fence himself if nothing is done by Network Rail and has called on others affected to help him out.

Writing on the pet shop’s Facebook page, he said: “Following the tragic loss of yet another dog on the railway line by the cinder path this weekend and the complete apathy of Network Rail, I wondered if anyone would be available to assist in identifying holes in the fence and carrying out repairs.

“I’ll happily survey the fence and mark any weak spots but multiple sets of eyes would be better so if we can agree the method of marking, etc, we can get moving asap.”

People immediately jumped to his aid and offered their help, citing other tragic incidents on the track.

Mr Clary, of Eastwood Road North, Leigh, 50, told the Echo: “It’s not the first dog to get on there and get hit. Other dogs have died there.

“At the end of the week I’m going to go down there and have a look at the fencing. Someone has got to do something, Network Rail haven’t. A dog could also cause a derailment.”

The pet shop owner found out about the incident from a friend who actually discovered the dog on the train tracks.

Mr Clary, added: “A friend of mine was walking her dog and saw the dog on the tracks and then when she was walking along she saw a man with a lead looking for his dog, it was his dog.

“It’s upsetting. So many people walk their dogs along there, it’s just so dangerous, any dog can get through there.

“They are metal fences and there are quite big gaps, any dog could get under them. I’m going to have a look at it.”

Peter Wexham, Lib Dem councillor for Leigh, is aware of the problem and is going to do all he can to get the fences sorted out as soon as possible.

He said: “I knew it had happened, it’s quite upsetting. Something certainly needs to be done.

“I will get on to the council and Network Rail and get them to check the fences.”

Followers of the pet shop’s Facebook page said they would help in any way they could and recalled previous incidents with their dogs by the track.

Sara Thompson said: “Will help in any way I can.”

Martin Hockey said: “We have a westie and he got through a few years back, some of the gaps are bigger than others. We never let him off along there now.”

Rachel Harris said: “Count us in! Lola went through once and I thought my heart was going to stop. Let me know what you need.”

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We are saddened to hear of incidents involving pets on the railway and proactively take measures to prevent access to the track. We will check the fence along the path by the railway between Chalkwell and Leigh and promptly fix any holes.”