A DRUG dealer caught hiding a haul of Class A drugs in his sock has been jailed for almost six years.

Courtney Valentine-Brown, 32, of Oakleigh Avenue, Southend, was charged with two counts of possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply and possession of a Class B drug.

He admitted the offences at Southend Crown Court this morning and was sentenced to a total of five years eight months in prison.

Following the sentence, investigating officer PC Luke Gamman said: "Valentine-Brown was found to be concealing a significant amount of Class A drugs when he was searched in Southend custody. The court was satisfied he intended to peddle these drugs on the streets of Southend.

"The harm that these illegal substances cause to our community cannot be underestimated and therefore where we are made aware of those involved in the illegal drugs trade we will deal with them robustly.”

Valentine-Brown was stopped in Anerley Road, Westcliff, on May 18 last year at 6.10pm after making off from police. PC Luke Gamman and PC Michael Brimfield, who were part of the Southend Tactical Team, had tried to stop him after becoming suspicious he was dealing drugs. Valentine-Brown tried to make off on a push-bike but was arrested and taken to Southend police station.

In custody Valentine-Brown handed over a small bag of herbal cannabis but he became agitated and aggressive when he was being searched. During a full search officers removed Valentine-Brown’s sock where he was found to be concealing 17 wraps of Class A drugs, including eight of heroin and nine of crack cocaine.