ANGRY drivers can’t believe county council workers have painted over potholes...instead of repairing them.

Motorists are even forced to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid them, as they are so deep.

The holes can be found in Timberlog Lane, Basildon, at the junction with Luncies Road.

Taxi driver Ralph Morgan, 73, said the situation was ridiculous.

He said: “I just don’t understand why the county council would spend money on workers painting the white lines in the road when they should be spending that money on fixing the road first.

“Some of the potholes are so deep that I and other drivers are veering onto the other side of the road to avoid them.

“These potholes have been marked up for a few months now but there has been no work carried out and I don’t really know what is happening.

“Luckily, I have not had any damage done to my taxi as I avoid the potholes whenever I can.”

Terri Sargent, Conservative councillor responsible for the environment and community, vowed to help tackle the issue.

She added: “I was not aware of specific problems with potholes in Timberlog Lane.

“Basildon Council does not have the ability and or budget to fix potholes so it is the responsibility of Essex County Council.

“I understand that the work to paint the white lines on the road is separate work from filling in the potholes.

“I do sympathise with residents and drivers as no one likes potholes and we all so our best to avoid driving over the potholes.”

She added that driving over potholes can be very damaging to people’s vehicles and it can cost lots of money to get any damage to vehicles fixed.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “We do not have any significant defects logged at this point on Timberlog Lane, so we would encourage residents to report any potholes or other road defects online.

“If a defect does develop between inspections, then we are left to rely on members of the public to let us know.”