POLICE uncovered a haul of cocaine and heroin in a plastic Kinder egg after concerned members of the public alerted them to a suspected drug deal.

Officers were in Southchurch Avenue, Southend, investigating a separate incident when they were flagged down.

They went on to arrest Maxwell Phair, 20, and Daryl Brown, 51, after searching a silver Ford Mondeo, which was parked nearby.

Szilvia Booker, prosecuting, told Basildon Crown Court: “On the passenger seat there was a Kinder Egg container with a number of wraps inside.

“There was 14 wraps of heroin and 10 wraps of cocaine. Phair also had two mobile phones and £335 in cash.”

The pair were released on police bail.

Drugs squad officers came across them again six months later when they searched a flat in Heygate Avenue, Southend.

The court heard how wraps of heroin and cocaine were found on the kitchen table on Wednesday, May 18.

A drug dealing phone was discovered hidden under the bath when it started ringing.

Phair, of Rochford Road, Southend, admitted three counts of being concerned in the supply of heroin and cocaine.

Brown, of Kursaal Way, Southend, admitted two counts of being concerned in the supply of heroin and cocaine.

Ian Clift, mitigating for Brown, said: “Brown has been a drug user for most of his life and has no source of income.

“His mother had recently passed away and he had nobody.

“He was drawn into a number of associates who provided him with accommodation, shelter and a job. That job was to drive around Mr Phair and act as a driver for these deals.”

Steven Fitzpatrick, mitigating for Phair, said: “He is a drug addict and uses the money to purchase drugs. There is no significant financial gain.

“Mr Phair was on a downward spiral, he thought he was going to get worse and worse.”

Phair was sentenced to 40 months in a young offenders’ institution for each charge, to run concurrently.

Brown was jailed for 28 months for each charge, also to run concurrently.

They were also both made the subject of a criminal behaviour order, which bans them from contacting each other.

The order also states they are only allowed to use a phone registered to them through a contract.