RESIDENTS have described being terrorised in their own homes at the hands of yobs who pelt stones, eggs and hurl abuse.

A group of people living in Northlands Place, close to Northlands Park in Pitsea, attended a meeting with police officers and the crime commissioner on Thursday to lobby for action.

The residents, who did not want to be identified for fear of targeted attacks, spoke out at the public meeting to say that they were regularly victims of vandalism and even had to resort to policing their own street.

Police have confirmed that they are looking into the matter and are due to set up a meeting with residents to set up an action plan.

One man said: “I have been washing the car and I have had stones thrown at me.

“My neighbour has a 16-month old baby and that could be fatal if the stone hits her.

“We are being made to be targets.

“We need action on Northlands Place big time.

“We have rung the police but nobody comes out and nothing gets done. We are effectively policing our own street by confronting these people.”

Another man added: “Myself, my wife and my daughter are suffering day and night.

“I have reported many hate crime incidents, racism and vandalism, every day.”

The residents called on Roger Hirst, Essex’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Chief Inspector Shaun Kane and the antisocial behaviour team at Basildon Council, to solve the issues within six months.

Imelda Clancy, councillor for Pitsea North West, said: “The residents of Northlands Place, directly opposite Northlands Park, have been putting up with this for over a year.

“People go from the park and they are throwing bricks and stones, damaging cars and houses.

“Residents are getting abuse - something needs to be done.”

ROGER Hirst has vowed to take action against criminals terrorising a neighbourhood.

A meeting is due to be set up between residents, Mr Hirst, Essex Police and the antisocial behaviour team at Basildon Council to help solve the problem.

Mr Hirst said: “Nobody should put up with that. We need to have a plan which involves our partners at the council and social services.”

Chief Insp Shaun Kane, district commander for Basildon, said: “Antisocial behaviour should not be dismissed and nobody should suffer any discomfort in their own come.

"Clearly I am very concerned to hear about the problems our residents have been facing and I want to reassure them that I am fully committed to tackling these issues.

"We do not tolerate criminal activity, hate crime or anti-social behaviour in our communities.

"I have commissioned an urgent review of all anti-social behaviour incidents reported in the Northlands Park area and will produce a policing plan and multi-partner strategy to target those intent on causing misery to others.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.