A DISABLED man with a debilitating spinal condition died after taking a lethal concoction of prescription drugs to ease his pain.

James Douglas Burton, 28, who had spina bifida, was last seen by his father at his Wickford home on Wednesday, August 3.

When his dad tried to wake him the following day Mr Burton could not be roused, Chelmsford Coroner’s Court heard on Thursday.

Spina Bifida is a rare birth condition where the spine does not develop properly - with sufferers often requiring various medications to allay chronic pain.

Coroner Eleanor McGann ruled the cause of death as accidental, owed to an overdose of prescription drugs.

She said: “The trouble is with drugs which are prescribed for pain is that people can become confused.

“Especially if the pain doesn’t go away, they can take more.

“In the week of his death he was in a lot of pain.

“He had become depressed.

“Police found a large amount of medication and blister packs, which they confiscated.”

Toxicology reports found about five different prescription drugs in Mr Burton’s blood - which the coroner believed were his own legal medication.

Included were painkiller co-codamol and anti-depressant mirtazapine.

Addressing Mr Burton’s friends and family in the court, Ms McGann, said: “I dismiss suicide.

“Thank you for coming today.

“It’s very sad to listen to the circumstances of his death.

“I’m sure you had some very happy times together as a family.”