A KNIFE-WIELDING burglar who spent three days in a coma after smashing his head on the floor as he was chased by an angry homeowner has been jailed.

Mark Knight, 32, filled a bag with a haul of clothes, an Iphone, wallet, stationary, tins of tuna and teabags after breaking into Brian Sharp’s house in Thorrington Cross, Basildon.

Rustling from the kitchen woke up Mr Sharp, 40, who had fallen asleep on the sofa.

Charlotte Davison, prosecuting, told Basildon Crown Court: “The defendant was down on his knee, taking items from the cupboard and putting them in his bag.

“Mr Sharp said ‘get out of my house’ and the defendant said that he was here for a party. Knight then carried on filling his bag up with Mr Sharp’s belongings.

“The defendant then came round the door and raised his hand. Mr Sharp then realised he was in possession of a knife.

“They were about a foot away from each other and there was a slashing motion. He said the knife was a few inches from his face. The defendant said ‘get away from me or I will stab you’.”

The court heard that Knight, of Crosse Court, Basildon, walked out of the house at about 11.40pm on Friday, August 8 clutching a rucksack full of stolen goods.

Mr Sharp followed him shouting ‘phone the police’ - causing concerned neighbours to come out of their homes.

Miss Davison added: “One neighbour said she could see the defendant running away from Mr Sharp when he fell and hit his head.

“He ran off and bounced off the walls.”

Knight was found near the scene after being detained by a taxi driver.

Because of his serious head injuries, Knight was taken straight to hospital and spent three days in a coma.

Doctors even told his family he could have lasting brain damage - but he made a full recovery.

Mr Sharp, who works as a council bin man, was arrested for allegedly attacking the burglar - before being told no further action would be taken.

Knight claimed he had been hit over the head with a metal object.

Emma Nash, mitigating,said: “He understands that none of this would have happened if he had not chosen to commit this offence.

“He very nearly lost the function of his brain. He really thinks it’s time for a change.

Judge John Lodge jailed Knight for 25 months after he admitted burgling Mr Sharp’s home, attempting to burgle a neighbour’s home 40 minutes earlier and possession of a knife.