A GRANDFATHER is overjoyed after the trilogy he wrote, a project that took more than ten years, hit bookshelves across the county.

Owen Knight, who grew up in Leigh but now lives in Little Baddow, near Chelmsford, specialises in adult and teenage science fiction, and his latest book this month appeared in Essex libraries alongside online marketing site Amazon.

The author, a 67-year old father-of-seven, told of his delight in finishing the trilogy, dubbed The Invisible College, which fuses mystery with myth, and twists conspiracy with a coming of age adventure.

He said: “To see your work finished, then published, that’s an amazing feeling.

“I’m holding a book signing in Waterstones soon, and I’m going to see if they’ll put the trilogy on their shelves – it’s an exciting time.

“This has taken ten years to complete.

“Throughout this time the trilogy has been my second love, next to my children.”

Mr Knight, whose first book They Do Things Differently Here was published last year, has recently enjoyed a string of local radio appearances.

Speaking to the Echo, the grandfather-of-two revealed his hopes of brokering a deal with a film firm in an attempt to turn his books into a big screen hit.

The retired software company boss, who worked in London, said: “I’ve always been interested in reading and writing, in my job I used to write proposals for business documents.

“When I started writing the novels I’d sit at my desk with a spreadsheet, making sure I did an exact amount of words – it was pretty geeky.

“But you realise you can’t go on like that.

“I get my inspiration from walking, and luckily there’s some beautiful areas around Little Baddow for that.”

His book signing, celebrating the trilogy’s release, will take place at Waterstones Chelmsford on Saturday.

The novels include They Do Something Differently Here, Dust and Shadows, and his latest A Perilous Journey.