A CONCERNED animal lover has created a colourful range of stab vests for dogs after growing increasingly worried about vicious attacks.

Bradley Davis, 43, spent months hard at work in his garage researching and perfecting the design for armoured jackets after being inspired by The Only Way is Essex star Bobby Norris.

Bobby was left heartbroken when his pet pooch Beau was mauled to death in July.

Mr Davis, who installs kitchens for Basildon Council, has been a keen inventor since he was just six-years-old.


Mr Davis, who owns a Pug-Beagle cross called Tilly, said: “People are so devoted to their dogs.

“If anything ever happened to Tilly, I would be devastated.

“When we saw on the TV about the dog attack, I just thought that could happen to us.

“I have always loved inventing things. I like to find solutions.

“It has never been about the money but about helping people.”

The Echo told yesterday miniature Yorkie Benson had to be put down after he was mauled by a Bullmastiff while being walked by owner Fred Saunders, 74.

Mr Davis claims his design, which is made of tough fabric to reduce the impact of attacks, is the first of its kind in Britain.

He said: “They have them in America called Coyote jackets, but these are more to stop dogs being carried off by eagles.

“They have spikes on them to stop eagles and dogs attacking them. I didn’t think Tilly would like to be seen in one of those.”

He tested a number of fabrics to ensure the jackets offered enough protection, even driving over a prototype with nails to check that it could withhold teeth punctures.

Mr Davis said: “It is not that dogs have sharp teeth, but they can put a lot of pressure and penetrate the skin.

“This can lead to all sorts of infections from the bite and very high vet bills and death.

“The jacket won’t prevent the crushing, but it will give the little dog a chance.

“It will also prevent the owner from wanting to try and reach in to rescue their dog as you don’t want to be putting your hand near their mouths.”

Mr Davis, from Orsett, said the best way to rescue a pet is to twist the attacking dog’s collar to make it drop what is in its mouth.

In the first two weeks since launching his website, Mr Davis has sold two jackets, which come in green, blue and pink.

Mr Davis, who used to get told off as a child for taking items apart, has invented a number of other designs in the past, including a TV frame.

For more information or to buy one of the jackets, visit doggyarmour.co.uk