A SINGLE mother whose two children suffer from serious medical conditions has made a desperate plea to be moved from her “unsuitable” first floor flat.

Tiffany Renton, 25, is currently living in temporary accommodation in Chichester Close, Basildon, while her usual home, in Lincoln Road, has some repair work done.

But she claims neither of the first floor properties are suitable for her daughters, who both have severe health issues.

Her daughter Nova, four, has Kawasaki disease, which can cause inflammation in the walls of her arteries.

Miss Renton’s 15-month-old daughter Mary is facing a dangerous operation to reshape her skull after being born with a long list of health problems, which include Crouzon syndrome, a genetic disorder which sees bones in the skull fuse together prematurely, and Plagiocephaly, which is also known as flat head syndrome.

Miss Renton, who also has regular epileptic seizures, is worried about falling ill when carrying the children up the stairs to either home.

She said: “Mary is having an operation to restructure her skull because of all the problems she was born with. They will take her skull apart and put it back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

“I am in tears all the time; it’s a really scary operation. It is really heartbreaking.”

Miss Renton claims Basildon Council has given her very little help to move into a new home so has started a petition calling on the authority to help her, which has been signed by nearly 800 people.

She said: “I just want a suitable home on the ground floor for my babies as our first floor flat just isn’t suitable.

“I have epilepsy and since this has all been going on my fits have been getting a lot more regular and I’m worried it might happen if I am going downstairs holding the baby.

“But I’ve been told I’m not a priority case.”

She has also enlisted the help of Fryerns councillor David Sheppard, who has written to the head of the council housing team to ask for a report on Miss Renton’s situation.

He believes they should be considered as higher priority.

Mr Sheppard said: “Miss Renton is basically housebound unless someone is there with her to help with the stairs. I can’t see why they did not put her in a more suitable home when they moved her into the temporary accommodation, they know her needs but have not fulfilled them.”

A council spokesman said the authority has received Miss Renton’s application for a two-bedroom property.

She added: “However we are now in the process of obtaining medical evidence, in light of the recent petition Miss Renton has posted, to support her request for additional priority and ground floor accommodation.

“The council recognises Ms Renton’s concerns regarding her children and is looking into this as a matter of urgency.”

View the petition on the Echo website.