A TEENAGE drug dealer has been hit with a draconian order banning him from travelling in a car or having a mobile phone that does not belong to him.

Aidon Pearce, of Treecot Drive, Leigh, was convicted of two counts of possession with intent to supply earlier this year but only received a suspended prison sentence.

In a bid to stop the 19-year-old dealing drugs, Essex Police applied for a criminal behaviour order that will severely restrict his activities for two years.

Pearce was a passenger in a car that was stopped by officers from the anti-drugs and gangs unit Operation Raptor on February 24.

He was taken to a police station, where officers found 18 wraps of crack cocaine and ten wraps of heroin hidden in his backside.

Sgt Ash Holland said the order is the fifth obtained against drug dealers convicted in Southend, but the first against one who was not sent to prison.

He said: “If we can prevent drug dealers from putting themselves in the circumstances that they need to deal drugs and make it as hard as possible then the hope is they will be dissuaded from that life of crime.

“People see policing as just locking people up, but Aidon Pearce is a young man and by obtaining this CBO we can prevent reoffending.

“Hopefully this will protect him from people who do get themselves into these situations.

“If he does break the order, it is a criminal offence and he will be back in court and most likely go to prison.”

The order means Pearce cannot travel in a car not registered to him unless it is public transport, a private hire taxi, or being driven by a family member.

He cannot be in possession of a mobile phone that does not belong to him.

Pearce is also not allowed to be in public with two named individuals- Paul Warren and Lee Bozward.

Mr Holland said drugs phones are often found dealers’ cars but the occupants deny owning them. The order means he would have no excuse.

Mr Holland said: “It is quite stringent but the CBO will prevent him from returning to his drug dealing ways.”