A DANGEROUS new craze which sees youngsters weave in and out of traffic on their bicycles has prompted police to call on parents for help.

Video footage handed into officers shows at least five teenagers riding at speed towards traffic in Rochford.

Eyewitnesses took to Facebook to vent their frustration after spotting the dangerous behaviour during Sunday’s Christmas light switch-on.

There has already been at least one collision, with a child falling off their bike - and police have warned the outcome could be much worse.

PC Steve Joynes has urged parents to make sure their children are aware of road safety and the consequences of careless bike riding.

He said: “The youths ride up the bank onto the Freight House car park before cycling down at high speed weaving in between traffic and forcing motorists to slam on their brakes.

“The footage received by police shows at least five bikes going into the road and a collision forces one youth to fall.

“It is only a matter of time before a young person is killed or seriously injured. Please advise your children on the dangers of the road.

“Don’t let your child be the one that loses their life.”

Rochford parish councillor Jerry Gibson believes the incident stems from cyclists being banned from the town centre during Sunday’s event.

He said: “As an individual councillor this is certainly an appeal I would second.

“There were problems with children on bikes at the lights switch-on because they wanted to cycle down West Street which was closed.

“Cycling down into traffic is extremely dangerous and the more they get away with the worse the problem will get.”

Fellow parish councillor Jo McPherson, who raised the issue on Facebook, added: “Its a new craze that silly children are doing and if they slip up it is certainly going to cause an accident.

“The unlucky driver who hits them will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

“Most kids have iPhones these days and there is the ability to track where they go by using the locate me now function on their phone.

“Parents need to step up and start doing this.

“The onus is squarely with the parents to make sure their child is being responsible and knows how to behave around traffic.”