A MAN was kept prisoner in a house while being repeatedly kicked, punched and “tortured” with a baseball bat, iron and shotgun in a row over a single wrap of cocaine, a court heard.

Tommy Linnen was subjected to nearly two hours of abuse when Carl Wood, 27, of Second Avenue, Canvey, accused him of stealing the drugs at a house party on October 5, 2015.

Wood is accused of battering Mr Linnen until his right eye completely closed up shortly after midnight.

Joe Hannaford, 20, of Landseer Avenue, Manor Park, is also accused of punching Mr Linnen during the prolonged assault - which lasted until the early hours of the morning.

Basildon Crown Court heard Mr Linnen was threatened with a baseball bat, had a hot iron held up to his face and had a double-barrelled shotgun pointed at his head.

Mr Linnen told the court: “Carl punched me in the eye. It gave me a really swollen eye. I had blood in my eyeball.

“Joe then hit me from the left side. It went on for a matter of minutes, but then it continuously happened.

“A little bit later they came back and did it again. I was hit with a baseball bat to my elbow then they tried burning my face with an iron.”

Mr Linnen said Wood heated up the iron while making threats, before holding it “millimetres” away from his face.

At one point, Wood is alleged to have aimed a double-barrelled shotgun at Mr Linnen’s head from a range of two metres.

Mr Linnen said: “Carl held it in one hand. He said: ‘Where’s your brothers now?’ He said he would kill them. He said if I left and the police turned up at the door he would kill them as well.”

Mr Linnen was allowed to leave at about 4.30am. The following day, he and his brothers Jason, Ricky, Billy, Bradley and Joe returned to the house demanding an explanation.

Wood, along with two other men, is alleged to have pointed guns out of the window and made threats.

At that point, the Linnens returned home and called the police. Officers found no firearms at the property.

Giving evidence, Wood said one of the Linnen brothers had been armed with an axe while two others had knives.

Daniel Smith, prosecuting, said Wood and Hannaford had used “extreme violence” against Mr Linnen and behaved “like gangsters” the following day when visited by the Linnen clan.

He said: “There are the men in the conservatory, pointing the guns at them and behaving like gangsters, which is the persona they wanted to adopt.

“They want to be gangsters.”

Wood denies causing actual bodily harm and two counts of possession of an offensive weapon with intent to cause fear of violence. Hannaford denies one count of actual bodily harm.

The jury is in retirement following the two day trial.