A BLOCK of 40 flats could be built close to an industrial estate.

Martin Johnson of Basildon-based Parkview Developments, has submitted a planning application to Basildon Council to build on Lympstone, 230 Burnt Mills Road.

The site is currently home to a general store, social club and florists, as well as a large house.

The flats will be in one large block and one smaller block, with three one bedroom flats, nine two-bedroom flats for three people, 26 two-bedroom flats for four people and two three-bedroom flats for six people.

There will be 28 private flats and 12 social flats.

Planning documents, prepared by Vista Architecture, read: “The scheme has been carefully designed to break up the overall mass of the development and utilises a strong gabled frontage that references domestic dwellings while at the same time creating its own identity within the surrounding area.

“The design is unique, but creates a distinctive character, with reference to both contemporary architecture and traditional materials.

“Access to the building is directly off Burnt Mills Road via a new crossover which will be formed approximately 15 metres west of the existing crossover. There are internal secure entrance lobbies to the apartment blocks.

“The building has been designed with a clear street frontage, which has appropriate relationships with the adjacent buildings.”

It is unclear what will happen to the buildings already on site, but planning documents do not show them included in the new layout for the site.

The documents read: “The development is intended to add to the variety of architectural styles within the area, providing both quality and sustainability within the design proposals.

“The proposal includes a commitment to deliver sustainable development by utilising a building fabric that will provide a very good thermal performance.

“There may be a provision for renewable energy subject to the energy analysis of the design.

“The design will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for residents.”

There will be car parking provided for 88 cars which will be “strategically planted to avoid too much hard surface”.

Vista Developments said that its design is “intended to utilise the site in the most efficient manner while creating a desirable place to live”.

There will also be a fence to the rear of the site where it adjoins the industrial units to prevent the noise from the units disturbing the residents.

The site has previously been included in the council’s local plan after being put forward in the call for sites.

However, Basildon Council is still working on its proposals to meet the demand for housing in the area.There have been a number of other new developments along the road, including flats and apartments.