A TEENAGE tearaway has been banned from throwing stones and using a catapult under a tough court order.

The 14-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, lives in Rochford and has a string of convictions.

He appeared at Basildon Youth Court to admit one charge of criminal damage and one charge of burglary and was immediately slapped with the criminal behaviour order (CBO).

The burglary took place on September 20 at a storage shed in Rochford, where the youth stole a fire extinguisher worth £200.

Between December 22 and December 25, he admitted damaging a metal door worth £100 at the Taste of Raj Indian restaurant in East Street, Rochford.

The court heard the youth was subject to a conditional discharge at the time , for stealing two bicycles in March 2016.

A further offence of damaging a car windscreen worth £85 was withdrawn, but police still applied for the stringent order.

He must remain indoors between the hours of 8pm and 7am daily, unless with a parent or family member over the age of 21 years old, for the next four months.

He must also not be disruptive, or “harass, intimidate or act in an anti-social behaviour way that causes harassment alarm and distress to members of the public and businesses in the Rochford area.”

The order goes on to state that he must not “throw or discharge” any stone, object, or any other missile or projectile by hand or catapult at any people, vehicles, buildings or shops.

Finally, the order bans him from causing “damage to property, vehicles and buildings belonging to others.”

Breaking any part of the order is a criminal offence in itself.

Bob Fortt, Castle Point & Rochford Anti-Social Behaviour officer said “This is the second Criminal Behaviour Order obtained for problem youths in the Rochford area. Essex Police will continue to work with the local community to prosecute offenders.”

Magistrates ordered him to pay £100 in compensation for the fire extinguisher and £50 for the metal door.

He was also told to take part in a ten month youth offender rehabilitation programme.