REVELLERS have been warned to be vigilant after a woman’s drink was allegedly spiked on a night out.

The 33-year-old, who does not want to be identified, told how she suddenly fell while partying with friends at Unit 7, at Basildon’s Festival Leisure Park.

She passed out, with her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

Her terrified friends carried her out of the club with the help of Unit 7 bouncers.

The woman admitted the night was a “blur” when she woke up the next morning. He friends had taken her home.

Two days later, on Monday, January 23, the woman visited her doctor. She claims tests showed a small amount of ketamine was in her system.

Ketamine - more commonly used as a horse tranquiliser - is very fast-acting and those who are given it might be aware of what is happening, but are unable to move.

It also causes memory problems and a dream like feeling.

It remains in the blood system for up to four days.

The woman, who lives in Basildon, said: “All I remember is being taken outside.

“The rest of the night is a blur.

“The tests results showed ketamine and I don’t take drugs.

“Luckily my friend was with me at the time and rest of the group we were with were outside, so I was lucky I wasn’t alone.”

She believes the drug must have been put in her drink, prompting her to warn others to be cautious.

She said: “I must have either taken a drink off someone or put my drink down, which is my own fault. I am 33, so I should know better.

“This has never happened before to me and it has scared me a lot.

“I was fine, I’ve been told, at 2.30am, but by 3am I was paralysed.

“I don’t really drink when I’m out - I just go out for a laugh and to dance with my friends.”

A spokesman for Unit 7 urged anyone who believed their drink has been spiked to speak to a staff member, who are all trained to spot the signs.

He added: “The safety and enjoyment of our customers is our main priority and we would like to stress that proven cases of drink spiking are extremely rare.

“Our team is trained to be vigilant and would encourage anyone with concerns to talk to them.”

When on a night out, partygoers are urged to keep an eye on their drink and never leave it unattended.

If someone buys you a drink, go with them to the bar and carry your drink back yourself.

Avoid drinking from punch bowls and don’t drink anything if it tastes or smells strange.

If you feel drunk and haven’t drunk any alcohol - or if you feel like the effects of drinking alcohol are stronger than usual - get help right away.

The woman did not report the alleged incident to the police.