A SPECIAL needs school teacher who showed up for classes drunk and used her work laptop to browse the web for sex toys has been banned from the profession.

Jill Collins, who taught at Castledon School, in Bromfords Drive, Wickford, blamed her slurred speech on migraine medication- but failed a police breath test after being escorted from the grounds.

A National College for Teaching and Leadership panel heard senior staff checked her emails after concerns and found several inappropriate messages sent to her partner, including links to the Ann Summers website.

Another email to a porn website appeared to be an attempt to cancel her membership.

The first allegation against Collins arose on May 18, 2015, when she was said to be drunk in charge of pupils.

Headteacher Philippa Holliday told the panel “it was apparent that she was under the influence of alcohol” during a morning meeting.

Collins then refused to leave the school grounds and had to be escorted off the premises by the police.

Although she blamed migraine medication for her behaviour, she was breathalysed by officers and failed the test.

Following her suspension, Collins continued to contact staff and parents on 12 occasions.

In one case, she left voicemails for a parent which were “annoyed and aggressive” in tone and delivered in a “high pitched and exaggerated voice”.

A further allegation that Collins viewed dating websites on her work laptop during class time was not upheld because her browsing history showed she only used them out of school hours.

Collins did not appear at the hearing and was banned from the profession at least until February 2019.

Reaching her decision, Jayne Millions, on behalf of the education minister, said Collins’ behaviour amounted to “unacceptable professional conduct”.

She said: “The fact that Mrs Collins attended school whilst under the influence of alcohol and was responsible for pupils with learning difficulties, potentially leading to safeguarding issues had her behaviour not been reported promptly, was a significant factor.”