A COUPLE claims mould covering the walls of their home is putting their lives at risk.

Terence Brown, 37, and partner Tracey Choularton, 27, have both lived in a flat in Holland’s Walk, Vange, since October.

They quickly realised there was a damp problem in the property.

Both have asthma and claims their conditions are being made worse by the mould.

Mr Brown told the Echo he has had septicaemia - blood poisoning that can be caused by mould. Miss Choularton has suffered with chest infections, which can also be a result of breathing in the mould.

They have also had out throw out tinned food as the cans have become rusty - as well as clothes and toys which have got covered in mould.

Miss Choularton said: “We are both having to take antibiotics and our asthma pumps every day because of the mould.

“It is awful - there is mould everywhere.

“We can’t keep food in the cupboards for more than three days because it goes mouldy and we have had to throw out lots of our clothes.

“We want compensation for everything we have lost and also for the problem to be fixed.”

The flat is owned by Family Mosaic. The couple claim they have contacted the housing association multiple times about the issue.

However, they claim the company keeps telling them there is nothing that can be done.

A spokesman for Family Mosaic said: “We have been in regular contact with the family at Holland Walk about the mould issues.

“In December last year we carried out a mould wash and provided advice to further reduce damp from developing within the home.

“We will be meeting with the residents again next week to discuss further possible treatment options.”