TRAVELLERS have set up two camps in Basildon less than a mile apart, and left excrement and dirty nappies at another site.

Residents have reported seeing two caravans in Chester Hall Lane and another group has set up in Endeavour Drive.

A group has recently moved on from St Nicholas Mews, close to where Redrow are building a new housing development.

Sadly, the group left behind a lot of rubbish which taxpayers will now have to pay to clear up as the land is owned by the council.

Ukip councillor Stephen Hodge said: “The travellers moved off land next to St Nicholas Mews new housing development, leaving their mark behind them.

“Council staff have moved gas cannisters and the clear-up will begin again.

“I inspected the site where there was rubbish, nappies and excrement strewn about.

“Local residents are appalled how this can happen on such a regular basis.”

Travellers were spotted near the planned housing development several times last year.

It is not known if this is the same group that has now moved to Chester Hall Lane and Endeavour Drive, or if they have moved out of the district.

It is the second time travellers have moved on to Endeavour Drive in three weeks, with police getting involved for the first time on February 15 as they were blocking the road.

Residents claim the rubbish from their first visit hadn’t been cleared before they moved to the site again.

It is the landowner’s responsibility to move the travellers on and clear up the rubbish they have left behind - if there is any.

The land at St Nicholas Mews is owned by Basildon Council, whereas in Endeavour Drive it is split between the Homes and Communities Agency and the council.

In January, a camp was set up in a car park in Wickford, but was moved on by the council after a couple of days.

In 2016, Basildon Council had 55 reported occurrences of traveller encampments on publicly-owned land in the borough.

A Basildon Council spokesman said: “The council is aware of the encampment and has referred the matter to the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit to take appropriate action.”