A HOUSE tucked down a rural side road in Tiptree is taking Facebook by storm after its AirBnB advert went viral across the world.

Eaton House Studio, a six-bed home painted entirely in pink, is owned by artist and art director Amy Griffith.

The striking house is incredibly popular as a backdrop for photo-shoots and has thousands of followers on Instagram.

The house is available to rent out on AirBnB, for £1,799 a night, and the ad has been picked up by news outlets as far away as New Zealand, pushing Eaton House to the top of the Facebook trending list.

For the £1,799 price tag, up to 30 people can stay the night at Eaton House, enjoying the flamingo and unicorn-themed decor and enjoying an "art piece that is constantly evolving".

They are then treated to breakfast cooked by a Michelin-starred chef brought in from London especially.

Amy said: "This is a place people can come to celebrate a special occasion and enjoy comfortable surroundings with their friends and loved ones, but it is not a party house.

"I find people who are older tend to have a bit more of an understanding of this. At the end of the day this is my home we are talking about so I have to be very careful about who stays."

And if you get tired of pink, there is also a blue pool room, a lavishly-decorated green lounge and a pastel-themed dining room.

You can see the advert here.


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