c2c passengers can now use free WiFi during their journeys and have become the first daily commuters to London to get free access to top entertainment content.

The rail operator has equipped its trains with free onboard WiFi, allowing passengers to work or browse the internet during their commute without using up their personal mobile data.

c2c has also launched a free entertainment and news content service, giving WiFi users free access to top on demand TV programmes such as Fortitude, David Attenborough’s Light On Earth, and Soccer AM available through c2c’s new ‘vista’ app.

Passengers can also access news updates from Sky News and Bloomberg, top magazines like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan, plus live travel information.

c2c has partnered with GoMedia to provide the service, which makes c2c passengers the first London commuters to get the same free premium on demand entertainment service as international travellers on Eurostar.

c2c has also introduced new onboard help points for passengers which use the train’s WiFi connection.

Modelled on the existing help points at c2c’s stations, passengers will be able to talk to c2c staff at the touch of a button and get travel information and advice.

c2c Commercial Director Clare McCaffrey said: “Our free onboard WiFi will transform the way many of our customers commute, whether they want to get an early start on their work or to relax and enjoy their time onboard.

“We’re particularly proud to be the first London commuter operator to offer our passengers top TV shows and news updates for free, and to give our daily commuters the same high-quality entertainment service as international rail travellers are used to.”

Full details of c2c’s free onboard WiFi and more information about the ‘vista’ app are available at http://www.c2c-online.co.uk/travelling-with-us/on-board/vista/.

Free station WiFi has been available at every c2c station since 2014.