A year ago, at 3.30am you were likely to find me sitting in a dark room texting. Probably about poo.

This was an early sign I’d done the right thing dragging my husband to four antenatal NCT (National Childbirth Trust) classes.

He hadn’t been up for it. For starters, he was missing West Ham play. And he couldn’t understand why we needed to sit in a room with five other couples for SIX HOURS to talk about our birth plan – and pay more than £200 for the privilege.

But anyway. We went to our NCT course, held at David Lloyd, Eastwood. And I’m so glad we did.

Although the classes were sort of helpful, it was the friendship forged between us six mums-to-be that really made it worthwhile.

We’re all pretty different, but having five other new mums, with babies the same age as yours (NCT put you in groups by your baby’s due date) is not to be underestimated.

We’ve shared ‘poonami’ nightmares (cutting an outfit off in the loos at Waitrose? Yep, we’ve been there.) We’ve traded weaning tips and figured out the best places to take the babies when you really need a coffee – or glass of prosecco.

We’ve messaged each other in the middle of the night when the baby just WON’T STOP CRYING and together we have ventured into baby sensory rooms, started swimming classes and soft play.

Being a mummy can be the most wonderful thing in the world. But being a new mum can also be lonely. It can be intimidating to venture into classes on your own, with a baby that might scream. Having pals who are muddling through and making mistakes just like you are, is unbelievably reassuring.

I’m sure all NCT classes aren’t like this. But mine was. So to my mummy gang, Sally, Faye, Jody, Maggie and Llydia, thank you...you’ve been the best.

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