She shot to fame on The Only Way Is Essex in 2010 and is now worth £5m. Amy Childs chats with Katy Pearson about Essex memories and impending motherhood...

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is going round my nan’s every Sunday. She made the best roast dinner, and after dinner she would give me and my brother a screwball ice cream. OMG, we waited so patiently for our ice cream!

Where is your favourite place in Essex, and why?

Brentwood! I love Brentwood. It’s my home town, I have everything there, work, friends, restaurants, bars… My boutique and clinic are there too and everyone is so friendly. I feel so happy when I’m in my hometown.

I do love Southend though. That ice cream parlour… Rossi. I love it there in the summer.

What is your favourite Essex story or memory?

My Essex story would have to be getting involved with the TV show Towie. I loved being a part of the show and it was filmed in my hometown. It was everything Essex. Now it’s like a mini Hollywood in Brentwood - it has its own Towie Tours and everything. People come from all over to get a bit of the Towie lifestyle.

When are you at your happiest?

I’m at my happiest when I’m at home with my dog Leo and my partner Brad. I love chilling out and being at home. I’m a proper home girl. I’m learning to cook, so we have people over too and that’s really lovely.

What are you working on now?

Well I have baby on the way! Literally only two weeks to go! I work every day and love working though.

I work on everything from dresses for the collection to being actually there at the salon, I’m totally hands on. I am at the salon every day dealing with clients and staff. I absolutely love what I do. I love the fashion and the beauty, but I’m so excited to be a mum. I’ve always wanted a child, so I’m a very lucky girl.

Talking about your pregnancy, you’re having a girl aren’t you?

Yes, a mini Amy! We found out at the 13 week scan and I asked the lady to check again. I was convinced we were having a boy. I even booked a second gender scan to make sure!

Have you had a baby shower?

Oh yes! My mum threw me a baby shower at Greenwoods Hotel and Spa in Stock. It was so nice to share that with everyone. We had a lovely afternoon tea with cake, sandwiches, scones and sausage rolls. OMG, I was so spoilt. We got so many beautiful presents., a Sleepyhead, a Silver Cross pram, (I know!) a baby bath...

What’s your secret vice?

I’m always looking at new treatments, so we can offer the best in Essex like 3D Lipo, Hair No More – which means you never have to shave anymore and it’s pain free. It’s brilliant, And we are doing some very special treatments at the clinic now and merging the boutique together, so it will be called Beauty and the Boutique. How nice is that?

What is something people might not know about you?

People probably don’t know that I’m a professional table tennis player! I started playing when I was 11. When I tell people that, they don’t believe me.

If you could only live in one place in Essex where would it be? And why?

Well the one place I would live in Essex is of course Brentwood, I love it!

Who do most admire and why?

I admire my family so much. They are amazing and so hard working. Without them I don’t know where I would be. I’m very lucky. I have an amazing family and friends.

What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you and who was it?

My mum always told me that treat people the way you want to be treated! It’s so true. And work hard play hard.

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