A RAPPER who told a TV show he had given up a life of crime is facing jail after he admitted waving around a sword disguised as a walking stick.

Tyrone Castello was seen last month on Channel 5 documentary Inside the Gang, talking about his experiences in London gangs and his efforts to make it as a self-publishing rap artist.

But the 39-year-old, of Trinity Avenue, Southend, was arrested just after Christmas for brandishing the pointed weapon in Queen’s Road, Southend.

Castello arrived one hour late for his trial at Basildon Crown Court because he had to raise the money to pay for a bus ticket - which Judge David Owen-Jones labelled a “lame excuse”.

He immediately remanded Castello into custody, calling him “totally irresponsible” because he had already failed to attend two previous hearings.

Castello then decided to admit one charge of possession of an offensive weapon after a second charge was allowed to lie on file.

The court heard Castello was seen threatening three men with the stick on December 27 while shouting “come on then big man”.

A police officer unsheathed the weapon and showed it to the judge, who said it was like a “big poker”.

The judge said: “It’s clearly very dangerous. You can’t ignore the current climate of knives and weapons. An immediate custodial sentence is inevitable.”

Castello was told he will be sentenced on June 26 and must remain in custody until then, at which point he shouted: “Are you serious man? What the hell is going on?”

The TV documentary showed Castello, who goes by the stage name Red Rum, smoking cannabis and talking about his life as a criminal. Castello has a string of convictions for drugs, theft and violence offences.

He told filmmakers youngsters think he is a “comedy artist” but his music, which he posts online, has “eff-all to do with comedy”.

He said: “I wasted 17 years cos I went to prison. In and out for most of my life.

“This is just me. I wonder how deep my demons really are. Sometimes I wonder what is it I’m dealing with. I used to be alright.”