A SKATEBOARDING dog and his owner will be entertaining visitors to Southend’s High Street this summer.

Ziggy Trixx, a three-year-old Staffordshire Terrier, and his owner Adem Basharan, will be performing a variety of incredible tricks throughout the coming months.

Aden hopes lovable Ziggy will go some way in dispelling the negative stereotype which surrounds the breed.

He said: “We have been doing shows to raise awareness for staffies as they get a bit of a bad rap sometimes and people judge them quite quickly.

“So we want to show that they can be lovely dogs if they are brought up correctly.”

Thousands of people fell in love with Ziggy earlier this year when a video of him performing tricks went viral and got more than 60 millions views.

The clever pooch also appeared in a promotional trailer for the ITV show Britain’s Got Talent and on a Channel 5 programme called Puppies Make You Laugh Out Loud.

Ziggy and Adem are also in talks with ITV about another project but this is being kept carefully under wraps until being officially announced later this year.

For now you can catch Ziggy doing tricks like riding a skateboard and “tidying up” under the bridge on Southend High Street.