Police have confirmed the ongoing incident which has closed the Aveley bypass is NOT Terrorism related.

Two men have recently been arrested on public order offences and are in police custody. 

The drama began at about 4.30pm this afternoon following reports of an argument, during which weapons were seen. Police have yet to be specific about the nature of this incident. 

The police helicopter is circling the area and there will be an increased police presence as further searches are conducted this evening. Police were not specific about what the searches were for either. 

There's rumours on twitter of a serious hit-and-run - and a gang of four men leaving the car armed with machetes.

Essex Police have tweeted: "Police are at scene of Aveley incident. This is not terrorism related and there is no immediate danger to public."

The Aveley bypass was closed between Park Lane and Romford Road in connection with the incident. Police are working to resolve this as soon as possible. It was expected to be open again by about 10pm.

Police have said they will be releasing another statement soon.

Police also thanked people in Aveley for their co-operation and patience. 

Anyone with information should call Essex Police on 101.

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