MOTORISTS fear they could pay the price if teenagers performing wheelies on bicycles and swerving in front of cars are hit and hurt.

Complaints to the police and councillors are becoming increasingly regular as a group of youths, aged about 12 or 13, continue to ride antisocially across the island.

Drivers told how they have had to make emergency stops and swerve at the last minute to avoid the bike riding yobs. They fear it is only a matter of time before somebody is killed or seriously injured.

Retired Frances Pack, of Long Road, Canvey, came face-to-face with the gang while her husband was driving along the seafront last week.

She said: “There were about ten boys riding on the pavement. There was a boy at the front, who looked about 12 years old with red hair.

“He hopped off onto the road and did a wheelie.

“We were damn lucky that my husband is a good driver and was driving slowly because he saw them beforehand.

He still had to slam on his brakes.

“I wound my window down and told him that he was an idiot and he swore at me.

“All of his friends were laughing, they thought it was hilarious.”

Mrs Pack has called on parents to take action.

She said: “At the end of the day, if a car hits one of the bikers, who will be to blame? The driver ends up paying the price.

“Someone is going to be killed before long.

“I think that lessons need to be taught at home. I know some parents don’t know what their children are doing this but they need to teach them about the dangers.

“It’s happening all over the island.”

Councillor Dave Blackwell, leader of the Canvey Independent Party, hopes to set up a meeting with Insp Fergus Caulfield, from the community policing team, to tackle antisocial behaviour on the island.