A PROLIFIC thief and troublemaker launched a barrage of obscenities at a judge as he was banned from most of Southend town centre indefinitely.

Philip Day, 33, has racked up convictions for more than 60 offences, which led Essex Police and Southend Council to apply for a draconian criminal behaviour order at Basildon Crown Court.

Day, of Marine Parade, Southend, was threatened with jail after his foul-mouthed outburst in front of Judge David Owen-Jones.

Emma Jones, representing Day, asked the judge to lift a restriction which effectively prevents Day from using Westcliff train station.

She said although Southend East is technically closer to his home, he was “concerned” about going there because of a recent incident.

The judge said that if Day experienced problems he should “call the police”.

At this point Day, who was allowed to sit in the public gallery for the hearing, jumped to his feet and began shouting and swearing. He said: “They put a gun to my Mrs’ belly!”

He then attempted to leave the court and brushed past a security guard, causing the judge to shout: “Arrest that man!”

Day was allowed to return to the public gallery and Judge Owen-Jones told him: “I will not have people shouting and screaming in this court.”

Prohibited locations include Southend High Street, Chichester Road, along with parts of Marine Parade and York Road.

In 2013, the Echo reported how a judge told Day “the picture is depressingly clear” after he admitted four counts of shoplifting.

His most recent conviction was for assault and using threatening behaviour towards three charity workers.

Judge Owen-Jones said: “I do see how he loses his temper in the twinkling of an eye. Even a judge making a comment produces the type of outburst that we have seen.

“My view is that it should be for an indefinite period.”

The order bars Day from entering the area within the southern part of London Road, Queensway, Southchurch Road to the junction with Southchurch Avenue (north), Southchurch Avenue (south) to Ambleside Drive junction with Honiton Road (south) to Woodgrange Drive to junction with Queensway to Hartington Road (south) to junction with Marine Parade (east), Marine Parade junction with Hartington Road to West Esplanade to Gilbies Case (south) , Princes Street (junction with Queensway), Milton Place, Runwell Terrace, Prittlewell Square (south) to Gilbies Café (Western Esplanade).

He is also not allowed to act or incite others to act in an anti-social manner. Breaking the order could see him jailed for five years.