RESIDENTS have had enough after travellers pitched up on a park for the fourth time this year.

Four caravans arrived at Rushley Park, in Rushley, Basildon, last week, before more arrived earlier this week.

There are now a total of 12 caravans as well as other vehicles.

Residents claim the travellers have broken a gate to get onto the site.

One woman, who lives nearby but asked to not be identified, said that residents were fed up.

She said: “There is a massive group of them.

“They are just destroying the park.

“They are setting fire everyday and dumping rubbish.

“It is a really beautiful park and a lot of dog walkers use it and a lot of the children play on the park.

“The caravans have been set up on the field so the children can’t play football there.

“My children used to go to the pond, but they can’t now.

“This is the fourth time this year there have been travellers on the park.

“A neighbour had to call the fire service because they were setting lit to tyres.”

She added that residents were already concerned about the amount of mess that was going to be left.

She said: “There was a large truck that arrived which was full of rubbish.

“It is now empty and there is a pile of rubbish by the pond.”

She called on the council to take action to remove the travellers and stop them coming back.

The mum added: “People have moved round her because it is quiet and secluded.

“They don’t need the travellers here.

“I pay £100 council tax a month - for what?”

A spokesman for Basildon Council said: “The council is aware of the encampment at Rushley Park and the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit have been notified.

“Basildon Council doesn’t deal with these kinds of incursions anymore.”