WASTE being flushed into a lake filled with toxic algae is contributing to a rotting smell, it is claimed.

The Echo has previously told how a build up of blue green algae in Smallgains Lake, Canvey, has killed more than 100 fish.

Residents have now spoken out about the distinctive smell coming from the lake - which has been compared to a rotting bin.

Canvey Independent Party councillor, Peter Greig, believes the problem is heightened by pipes around the lake - which appear to be emptying their contents into the water.

He described waste coming from the pipes as “black, slimey, sludgey mud.”

He said: “I personally think there’s two outlets into the lake, one is showing signs of drainage.

“If you look across the field there’s visible pipe lines running through it.

“The water just sits in there.

“Where we’ve had heavy rain the last few weeks its flushed everything sitting in the pipes through to the lake.

“I doubt anything will be done because of what it will cost and who will take the responsibility. You’ll find it will be a fight between the council and Anglian Water.”

The lake has had problems with the algae, a type of bacteria which grows in sunlight, for the past three summers.

Furtherwick Road resident Brenda Cox experienced the smell as she walked her dog by the lake.

She said: “I wondered what that was.

“The winds were very high on Friday, and it didn’t smell great.

“They had my drains up the other week, they pop back now and again.

“I think the pipes are maybe just too small, they’re always digging around somewhere.”

Residents expressed concerns over the wildlife being put in danger by the algae.

Margaret Pring 76, of Smallgains Avenue, said: “When I first moved here we used to get the swans come by from kings and the ducks.

“They just need to get someone to come and clear all the algae out each year.”

Patrick Sidney 72, who lives in Kings Park, added: “We had the same last year but then it rained and washed it away.

“I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the drains.

“We usually have loads of ducks on the pond but they’re all gone.”

The Environment Agency was unable to comment. Castle Point Council did not respond before the Echo went to print.