ACTION is needed to remove travellers from land earmarked for a £60million seafront development, it has been claimed.

The Echo told yesterday how 12 caravans, cars and vans turned up next to the Kursaal, in Southend.

It is believed more have since arrived on the land, behind the Foresters Arms, in Marine Parade.

As the land is privately owned by Goldfield Developments, it is up to the firm to fork out legal costs to remove the group.

Southend Council has no jurisdiction to serve the travellers notice to leave.

Photographs show that high barriers at the entrance to the waste land, which is currently used as a car park, have come loose - enabling the group to get onto the land.

The Echo told yesterday how some seafront traders have shut up shop. They believe the arrival of the travellers will stop people visiting because of fears they will be unable to park.

Residents have vented their frustration at legal guidelines - which mean it could be weeks before the travellers move on.

One resident living close to the land, who asked not to be named, said: “I look out my window and I can see their children running around near the roads.

“Some look so young.

“The kids are loud and by the looks of it they are also leaving rubbish behind and dumping rubbish.”

A neighbour added: “I don’t understand - if people come to the seafront for car meets it’s all dealt with and stopped but this happens and nothing can be done.

“It baffles me how the law works.”

Traveller previously pitched up on the site last week, staying there for five days before moving on. It is not known if this is the same group.

One seafront visitor, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “If we parked illegally we would be clamped then towed.

“Why has this not happened to them?”

Goldfield Developments is looking to create a huge entertainment and homes complex on the land. The development will see £60million ploughed into the seafront.

The plans for the wasteland include 282 flats split into six blocks – one of them 14 storeys tall. There will also be rows of shops, takeaways, and restaurants, plus a specially designed public area and car park underneath. Planning permission was granted in 2014.

Goldfield Developments did not respond to requests for a comment before the Echo went to print.

So far this year, travellers have set up camp outside Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, in Garon Park, Trinity Sports Field, off Eastern Avenue, and Oakwood Park, off Stephenson Road.